Happy Halloween!

posted on: Monday, October 28, 2013

There's so many things I love about the month of October: the hoopla surrounding Halloween when children get dressed up as adorable little characters and adults who get insanely creative with their get-ups, the sweetness of homemade caramel apples like the ones made by my friend, Liren of Kitchen Confidante, and of course, the...

pumpkin patch | Photography via Chandara Creative
Pumpkin Patch | Photography via Chandara Creative

Cheers to a bewitchingly sweet and happy Halloween to you and your families! What's your favorite part of this time of year? 

Currently Coveting: The Art of Hand Lettering + Calligraphy

posted on: Friday, October 25, 2013

In a world consumed by telecommunications, where social media outlets run rampant and emails and text messages have now replaced the good 'ole pen and paper, I sometimes begin to wonder if the art of hand lettering has been lost to this new generation--a generation where the movement of your thumbs along a screen seem to trump the smooth, gentle strokes of ink gliding across the textured surface of pulp.  I once read an article about how some parents were beginning to question the validity of practicing a child's penmanship, specifically cursive, in school when the vast majority of our communication portals require the mastery of a keyboard.  And as I did so, I gasped and began to wonder how different my life would have been had I never learned how to properly hand write a letter.

And it seems rather ironic that I'm typing all this up on my blog when in fact, I feel like I should be penning my words in a notebook that's been tucked away for much too long. But please forgive me because I'm actually one of the few in a burgeoning minority that truly values and appreciates the written word and all its artistic forms of expression. As a child, I remember learning to perfect my penmanship in class, and with each stroke I drew, I became even more fond of the intricacy of the letters that formed each word. To this day, there is really nothing that warms my heart more than receiving a handwritten note, and it is in this spirit that I wanted to share with you what I'm currently coveting this week (actually that's a lie b/c I've long coveted this), which is the art of hand lettering:  an art that seemed to exist only in ancient manuscripts and official documents of centuries past, but has since been revitalized thanks to a richly talented community of calligraphers who share my same sentiment. Here, I'm sharing a few of those whose work I deeply admire and continue to keep me inspired. Enjoy!

Feast Calligraphy | Jen Fariello Photography
Feast Calligraphy | Jen Fariello Photography

Feast Calligraphy | Jen Fariello Photography
Feast Calligraphy | Jen Fariello Photography

2. Neither Snow

Neither Snow Calligraphy | Jose Villa Photography
Neither Snow Calligraphy | Jose Villa Photography via Blog
Neither Snow Calligraphy | Jose Villa Photography
Neither Snow Calligraphy | Jose Villa Photography

3. Anne Robin Calligraphy

Anne Robin Calligraphy | Marianne Wilson Photography
Anne Robin Calligraphy | Marianne Wilson Photography

Anne Robin Calligraphy | Rad + In Love
Anne Robin Calligraphy | Rad + In Love Photography

4. Kathryn Murray Calligraphy

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy | Katie Stoops Photography
Kathryn Murray Calligraphy | Katie Stoops Photography

Kathryn Murray Calligraphy | Coco Tran Photography
Kathryn Murray Calligraphy | Coco Tran Photography

FAB FRIDAY: Currently Coveting

posted on: Friday, October 18, 2013

It's been a while since my last post, and rest assured, my silence on the blog has been for good reason (much of which I can't divulge just yet), but there's been some changes in my life that have me giddy with glee and in due time, I'll share it with the world starting with you! In the meantime, I wanted to announce a new series that I'm going to start posting since there are so many moments as I'm surfing the web and I stumble upon something amazingly cute or worthy of a feature, and I realize I cannot possibly dedicate an entire post to one instantaneous bout of joy (although I might break this rule here and there).

My "Currently Coveting" series is my little treasure chest of goodies that I'm currently oohing and aahing over, and I figured what better audience to share it with than my lovely readers. There are times in my life when I'm searching for something and Google just doesn't cut it anymore, especially when it turns up random search results that aren't curated for taste. So, it's my collection of curated items that I'm loving or lusting over, and I'm hoping you'll love as well. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

1. Gold Polka Dots
While chevron is taking the world by storm, I still believe there's something so classic about polka dots, and when they're blinging gold...it's really hard for me to resist.  When I spotted this chic golden bedding collection by Emily & Meritt on Glitter Guide, I was ready to hit the roof. But alas, the designers partnered with PB Teen, so of course, the bedding doesn't come in a King/Cal King size, but for those of you who nestle your heads on something smaller, you are in luck!

And then there was this nursery that I spotted on Grey Likes Baby that left me swooning since I'm a sucker for any kind of design that gives you more bang for your buck by allowing your little one to grow into a room from the moment they're born to the moment they become teenagers. I think gold polka dots does the trick...cute enough for baby, but classy enough for a lady!

Emily & Meritt Metallic Dottie Collection | Via PB Teen

Gold Polka Dot Nursery | Via Grey Likes Baby

2. Rose Gold Flatware + Jewelry
While we're on the topic of gold, I can't seem to get enough of rose gold metal. It's soft, subtle, and much more feminine than its traditional cousin, and most importantly, it's got me smitten beyond belief! These metal sensations at West Elm are simply stunning to admire and add that extra touch of class and fancy to your next dinner party...perhaps for the holidays? I can already see myself 20 years from now...the little old lady polishing my rose gold stemware with a smile on my face! Yes, pretty shiny things make me that happy!

And then, there's this gorgeous ring that looks like an heirloom piece from the moment you slip it on your fingers and walk down the aisle. And the best part was that the tropical island wedding was just as dreamy as the ring.

Rose Gold Flatware | Via West Elm

Rose Gold Ring | Via KT Merry

3. Amber Vintage Stemware from Casa De Perrin
Let's see...how many times do I spend drooling over the exquisitely curated collection of tabletop rentals from Casa De Perrin? Too many, but who's really counting, right? There's something particularly mesmerizing about amber vintage glasses that takes it to the next level for me--reminds me of the alluring autumnal season that beckons a cozy throw wrapped around my shoulders while I sip a steaming cup of pumpkin spiced latte and savor a good book. I absolutely adore them and would love nothing more than to stockpile a little arsenal of these lovelies for my own amusement. Now, if only I can convince the hubby that having my own supply pantry would be befitting of this small obsession.

Casa De Perrin | Via Style Me Pretty | Bryce Covey Photography

Case De Perrin | Via Style Me Pretty | Tec Petaja Photography

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