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Meet Chandara | Photography courtesy Silvana Di Franco
Photo courtesy Silvana Di Franco


As a child, I found myself enamored with pictures books where I dreamt of a world etched by crayons, outlined with colored pencils, and brimming with whimsical details.  So, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I clap when I'm excited, anxiously await the coming of autumn when I can seek comfort in the soft pitter patter of raindrops, and gush longingly over bouquets of peonies.  And in case you're wondering, why, yes, I do believe in magic (after all, I am a proud owner of a wand and Griffindor scarf).

And of course…I have an immense love for celebrating life’s most intimate moments with great food paired with amazing tablescapes. In fact, my mother jokes that I flew out of her womb wielding a mortar & pestle with a fiery chili pepper in my mouth. Okay, the chili is a bit of a stretch, but it’s no secret that by the tender age of 3, I’d already cultivated taste buds for papaya salad—a dish that speaks to my own Laotian roots. My parents perfumed my childhood with aromas of kaffir lime leaves, freshly-cut lemongrass, the burning heat of hot Thai chilis, and the refreshing scent of home-grown baby cucumbers. My family gatherings are never complete if you don’t see me with a smile cooking in my kitchen for the people I love.

When I’m not dreaming up my next creative project, you can catch me at the ocean practicing my back floats, snipping off herbs from our family garden, scouring the town for my next hearty bowl of Pho, or prepping for my next meal with some cardio kickboxing. And if you ever see a gal out snapping pictures of her food and swooning over decor, don’t worry. It’s just me, so stop and say hello. I’d love to hear from you!

You may drop me a note at: hello [at] chandaracreative [dot] com

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  1. Hi! I think your photography are amazing! You're so creative with awesome taste. Looking forward to following your blog and witnessing more of your beautiful works. Have a great year! :)


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